Art Prints – Buying Art Prints As Gifts

Art impresses us and inspires us. It is highly valued both emotionally and financially. Sometimes, we cannot afford to buy original artworks. This is where art prints come in.These are much more affordable alternatives to artworks. They have the same beauty and appeal, but can fit almost any gift budget no matter whether you are buying a birthday gift or a Christmas gift. Before you go shopping, you must know the basics.What are art prints?These are printed artworks. The original artwork is depicted with great accuracy on a certain type of material, usually paper. The print is actually not regarded as a copy of the work since it is not a reproduction created by another artist. The formal word used to define such a print is impression.Any graphic artwork can have an impression. You can find impressions of drawings, paintings and photographs. There are different techniques used for making these impressions. The different techniques define the different types of art prints. The most widely used techniques include lithography, screen printing, giclee or ink-jet printing, and digital printing.How closely do art prints resemble the originals?In general, the impressions are made to be exactly the same. The quality of the prints and their resemblance to the original depend primarily on the technique, equipment and materials used. It should be noted that some techniques are more suitable for certain artworks than others.For instance, giclee printing is considered to produce top quality impressions of paintings as it uses actual ink in a wide array of colours. Digital printing, on the other hand, is the preferred technique for creating art prints of digital photographs.As a buyer, you should pay close attention to the printing technique used and to the materials as well. Most impressions are made on paper, but paper differs in terms of texture, appearance and quality. Archival paper is among the best options for impressions as it is durable and totally acid free.How do you buy art prints for gifts?As a start, you need to consider the preferences and taste of the recipient of the gift. The good news is that there is something for everyone in the market. You can go for a famous painting by an impressionist, for an impression of contemporary artwork or for a print of a photo of the person’s favourite band.When buying art prints, you should consider the size of the pieces. Check whether they come framed or not. Needless to say, framed impressions are the ideal gift options.

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